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Cover-2-Cover ROCKS Canada Day

Even with three of our regular band mates (Julie Masi, Mike Kleineberg and Dan Marcelino) missing this July 1, Cover-2-Cover lead singer Jim Rhindress together with Tony Koenen rocked Canada Day with a 45 minute long classic rock set thanks to sit-in performers Brad Krauza on bass and Mike Mueller on drums. You gents are fantastic!


The weather was HOT and so was the classic rock music we were playing on the TD Beach stage!


It was so great to see people of all ages up and dancing - including this little guy who was wailing away on his air guitar for our entire set!


And of course, some of our biggest fans in the under 20-30 age bracket were there, getting their groove on in true Canada Day style!


As well as the only slightly more subdued over 40 crowd!


Thank you to the Festivals Kelowna and Ryan Donn for booking us in! We are looking forward to performing again for you next year!

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